Projecting onto Curved surface

I am trying to project this line work onto these curved buildings in order to develop windows, however I have been very unsuccessful with this does anyone know why I can’t get this to work or what I should do?!Aggregation Attempt 3.pdf (217.9 KB)

Hello - please post a Rhino file, and someone will take a look.


The rhino file is too large to post

Hello - in that case please export one or more curves and targets and post the smaller file, or send the whole lot SaveSmall-ed and zipped via, to my attention.



Uploaded to the link

Hello - Project from the Front view - the default is to use the current construction plane Z axis as the projection direction - you can use other directions in V6 as well (command line options)

ProjectedCurves.3dm (1.2 MB)


i am not sure I fully understand could you please explain in simpler terms

I have tried projecting from the front view, but it doesn’t not land on all of the units that are shown