Projecting many same size circles to surfaces yet keeping memory minimal?

Hi V4
I have a side view of aircraft, many rivets to be drawn on the side view plan, which in effect is drawing on the CPlane as the Cplane sits down centre of aircraft, like a piece of paper sandwiched between two plastic kit halves !

then I need to project these onto the actual surface skin port and stbd.
I need to keep memory down, so remember the advice to use block command.

I create a circle, then type Block and choose the circle and the centre.

I then create another layer and make active, select the circle and run copy command, choosing centre for point to copy from, place a few copies on my ‘centre plan’

Then decide the circle and its block instances need to be bigger so I go to the circle I made a block command of, alter its diameter, nothing happens to the instances, should the copies not also take on the size of the new diameter ?

I cant see how to make the instances (children) update to whatever I do to the ‘Mother’.

That aside, if I project these onto the skin, will I lose the advantage of block ?

How can I get their projected images to also keep memory minimal ?

In other words, how can I create loads of circles on my surfaces and stop rhino from slowing to a halt ?


Hi Steve, i don`t think Blocks are the way to go here. Instead try to use history recording. Create a master circle, turn history recording on and then _Copy it around to the centerpoints they should go. After this has been done, color your “master circle” so you only scale it, scaling the copies would break history for them. After scaling the master circle, all copies should update. Note that if you move (translate) the master circle, all copies will follow. Same goes for scaling.

To make the projection, use history recording again. Select the master circle and all its copies, project them with DeleteInput=No. If you now scale only the master circle, all circle copies, including the projected ones should update.

In regards to memory, i don`t know how many circles you are going to project. It may take awhile.



I am finding rec history goes off when I dont notice it, then later its not recorded.

It worked on an arry, and also on the projected circles.

However I need to move occasional rivets afterwards on the Cplane then reproject them, just moving a copied circle breaks the history.

Also I am unable to move the master circle without ruining everything.

All in all this is scary and having to keep one eye on rec history and is it on or off I will not manage that 100%.

I guess this is not an option for me.

Back to using block to keep down the file size but as soon as I project to skin I am stuffed.

There has to be a way of having the projected circles done somehow and keep file size down.


Hi Steve,

some tips: If you right click on the Record History button in the statusbar, you can choose to always record history, which means it stays on. But be aware that you will now record everything which is history enabled. I suggest to keep it off and enable it only before starting the _Copy command. History recording can be enabled too if you´ve started the command already.

Since you cannot transform copied circles without breaking their history, just move them where you want, breaking the history, then copy new ones with history enabled based on your master. Using then center to snap to.

yes, this is what i mentioned in my first post. The history updates.

how many circles do you have ? I´ve tested it with 100 using history for the copy and projection. If i change the size of the master circle, it takes 3 seconds to update on a 8 year old computer while the memory consumption stays almost constant.


Needing to progress I have been using block command to replicate a 7m dia rivet many many times.
Yet to project these to skin.

Wondering best way npw to project these so as to minimise memory.
Certainly the blocks see speed good, and I can move the copies about with imunity.

Should I turn on history then project to skin ?