Projecting helix onto baseball bat mesh

Hello, I’m trying to project this helix of a fixed pitch onto a this baseballbat mesh. I’m hoping to use this projected curve XYZ coordinates as a tool path on my lathe later on.

This thread seems to be exactly what I want.

However, upon opening the .gh it appears sweep2 can’t be found while opening it? I do have sweep2 under surface-> Freeform -> sweep2 That post is from 2011, it appears Rhino 6 had an issue with sweep2 after reading other posts?

I have also tried using Mesh+ “Map Curves to Mesh” with no luck. What am I missing?

Thanks! (19.2 KB)

Think simpler, work with surfaces first. Than you can transform it to mesh (126.7 KB)

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First off, Thanks! This is a much more efficient way of doing this! I am a bit lost on how to change the pitch of the helix however. I can increase the number of points but can’t seem to increase the number of revolutions.