Projecting and stretching points onto a curved surface

Hi I’m having some trouble with my script and wonder if anyone can easily see the problem.

I want give the pints within the curves a greater extrusion that the others to create ‘mountains’ but the script is just eliminating them from the end projection.

any ideas?

web (130.6 KB)

it’s hard to tell from opening your script what you want, plus some point parameter there has nothing in it, if it matters

post a photo of where your problem manifests so it’s actually easy to see the problem :slight_smile:

within which curves? the closed curves floating inside all points? And by ‘extrusion’ do you mean ‘projection’?

Hi Corellaman,

Thanks for the response. Sorry for the lack on information. Here is the par that is not working. Yes the pt has no parameter in it but it doesn’t matter.

Yes, I want to make the pts withing the floating closed curves - which are attached to the ‘curves for mountains’ at the start of the script a projection with a hight ‘h’ beyond the surface projection that applies to all other points.

Basicly all the other ponts are projected onto the surface while the points inside the curves should be projected and extra height beyond the projection in a range from 0 to height ‘h’. But at the moment all the pts within the curves are excluded from the projection in this script.

Hi again,

sorry Corellaman, you already spotted it - that empty pt parameter needed a value.

Thank you!

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I have another question for this script. If anyone might be able to help.

Right now the points are projected in one direction directly onto the the surface.

I fact I want to project the points and along the surface. So instead of a parallel projection a curved projection on to the surface.

Is there a function for this?


not sure a projection can be a ‘curved projection’ as it must obey a vector direction - perhaps you meant pulling the points, transforming them or mapping them from one surface to another, all of these searchable functions within gh :slight_smile:

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