Projected OSnap label wish

While I like the reminder that I have project on while picking an object snap, I actually find it a bit distracting when making a pick to an object I know to be on the current CPlane 0 (as in “wait, did something move?”). My suggestion would be not to display “Projected [OSnap]” on the cursor unless the pick is actually being projected, otherwise just display the OSnap without “Projected”


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Or, instead of that, just showing the XYZ in the tooltip.
Would also help in other cases.


Hi Sam - thanks, I don’t know what is possible there, but:

@Charles - your idea seems good too except that it falls down, I think, when Planar and Project are both set. Currently you can display the point at the cursor using cursor tooltips (Options> Modeling aids>Cursor tooltips) so you can try it out. I see that for points in the CPlane, there are only two coordinates shown, which may make sense in terms of clutter but might be harder to read at a glance if one is just looking for the “0.0”.