Project to curved surface

i am making a sticker i will cut on my 2d cutter.
i have to draw the sticker in 2d but i want to project the polyline to the curved surface but when I cut the stickers they are too short because i don’t know the 3d distance between the red lines. I would like to project to the curved surface before i cut to check if it fits.
in the example when i project, it wraps all the way around. i want the edges to stop where the red line are.
when i measured the curve surface with a mic on the actual part it measure 0.500"
I can guess this but would like to see how this could be done.
R8-AA175-test.3dm (547.7 KB)

Hi David - I guess I wouyld chop those off at thered curves before projecting, if I understand what you want…



thanks, i did as you suggested, but when i cut the actual flat pattern it will not go to the edges. so what i want is to flatten the projected lines, then that would be the correct dimension 0.050" instead of 0.036"
I just thought there might be another option on how the lines are projected.
R8-AA175-test.3dm (477.3 KB)

Thanks for your help!