Project the points of a grid on surfaces

I have a series of surface placed on the z-axis and I would like to project on each of them points obtained by a grid. What i obtain using projection component is the projection on only one surface (not even perpendicular to it). After that I would like to create a panel where all this points are listed: (points of each circles: first all the one with z=0, after the one with z=1 etc.)
Do you know how to do it? I attached what I manage to do


20181108_trees structure 2.3dm (40.2 KB)
20181108_trees (7.5 KB)


This .gh file is slow.:disappointed_relieved:

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I know, it is for the amount of surfaces :disappointed:
Do you know also how can I merge that points in a list? I would like to have one panel with first all the points with axis z=0, after all the one with z=0.1 etc until reach the top

Do you the same person as the cricri?
I’m sorry, I forget to upload my .gh file.20181108_trees (9.8 KB)

No, I’m sorry! Anyway Thanks! No worries For the delay but I manage to do it!:muscle:t2: