Project text on infinite lemniscate

I’m designing an infinite lemniscate where i need to have a text on. over the whole length of the lemniscate, so the text keeps repeating itself if jou keep reading.

I allready made the lemniscate shape, by creating two curves and lofting them. After that I did ofset surface to give it thickness so it can be printed in 3d.

When I try to project a text on it using flow along surface it doesn’t work properly and the text goes everywhere. (with easier shapes this isn’t a problem.)

Can anyone tell me where i’ts going wrong? Should I use a different way to create the lemniscate or a different way to create the text?

Thanks a lot!

Can you post the model? Are you flowing the text curves to the original surface (recommended) or the offset one?


I’ve included the model, the shape is not perfect yet, but first I want to know how, and if it is possible to do before I spend too much time perfecting something i cannot use.

I tried to put it on the offset one.

When i try to flow it to the surface i get two different ‘problems’ sometimes the text goes all over the place, and sometimes it goes on there, but since the joined surface consists of multiple parts it only uses one of the parts and goes straight after that.

lemniscaat 2.3dm (2.8 MB)

Hi emuuuh, I guess you’ll have to do a little tuning up - the long faces of the target object should be one surface with very even paremeterization - I don’t see the original input curves, so starting from what you’ve got, I’d Extract the two faces that make up one side and ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge and then UntrimBorder. MatchSrf the common edge for curvature with ‘Average’ and ‘Match target isocurve direction’. Then, to make sure the Flow operation is as even and accurate as possible, Rebuild the surface to a lot of points - I used maybe 100 by 10.

I would experiment with just the curves for the lettering until you get the placement right, then flow the solids. The curves will be quicker and you can use History to allow fine tuning the result if needed.

lemniscaat 2_PG.3dm (804.2 KB)


Thanks a lot guys! I will try again soon. And koop you posted

I’ve been trying again. I made a surface lofted from two curves. The surface is pretty clean now.
But still when I flow the text it becomes a mess…

What’s going wrong?lemniscaat 4.rar (1.1 MB)

Use the Dir command to SwapUV on one or the other of the surfaces. You might also want to MatchSrf the initial loft to itself to clean up the seam before you Rebuild. Also, you can use the dense rebuilt surface as a target only and delete it after Flow, The letters should be mapped pretty nicely to your pre-rebuild surface.


Thanks a lot! I managed. It was indeed a problem with the uv directions :slight_smile: