"Project Snap" Wish: A better reminder?

Due to recent work with some crazy geometry, I’ve been using the Project snap a lot. It’s quite nice. On reflection, it seems that Project is not really a snap, but a constraint—similar in functionality to Planar or Ortho and maybe worth identifying a little more strongly when it’s on since it’s really easy to forget that one has turned it on (often leading to unintentional but subtle and bad things!).

Is it possible to create a better reminder for forgetful users (like me!) rather than solely a checkbox in the snaps that Project is on? Anyone else see the value in this?

Some ideas to do this:
A) At the risk of (sometimes useful!) clutter, perhaps it could be added to the header bar (as an option)?
B) Perhaps the icon(s) for the cursor location could turn a color when on?
C) Anything better?


Dave, do you not get a tracking line (admittedly not useful in a plan view- is that the situation?) when snaps are projected? I could see maybe a modification to the OSnap ‘tag’ when projected, I’ll look into that.



@pascal: Yes, I do get the white tracking line with Project. However, as you’ve noted, this is only helpful if you’re in a view where you can see this line A) obliquely, or from the side, and B) when the distance is substantial enough to see it. When working with complex geometry, moving the CPlane around a lot in different views, I’ve found that both of these conditions often do not occur.

As for your idea of modifying the “tag”, this might help. I presume you’re talking about adding the word “Project” to the mouse tooltips with the snaps? If so, this would be dead obvious (but some might not like the added clutter). An option to turn this off might make sense to reduce objections from the villagers. Another alternative might be that the tooltip simply change color or shape when Project is on. Dunno what the best solution is from a UX perspective, but some kind of additional feedback or reminder would certainly be very useful.


Yeah- we are testing this right now in the V6/Windows code - I have not seen it yet, but I’ll check it later today.


I am also interested in this kind of UI customizing.
I have been thinking of some color rectangle around the view which would be enabled in the Rhino options.
Maybe the same thing would be useful for the selection filter.
See an example here: