Project onto surface

Can anyone help me project the yellow holes onto the curved portion of the solid? I was able to install all the holes on the flat portions, but can’t figure out how to put these holes where they should be as if it was rolled from the purple flat part.


TEMP.3dm (432.3 KB)

Hi Frank - try this:

  1. Split the flat version with your two dashed lines.
  2. ShrinkTrimmedSrf the middle piece.
  3. ExtractSrf the outermost cylindrical face.
  4. Use Dir to align the U and V directions on the split out and cylindrical surfaces.
  5. Duplicate the flat split surface - untrim it if you like, it should not matter.
  6. FlowAlongSrf the flat surface to the cylindrical one.

TEMP (1)_PG.3dm (101.2 KB)