Project individual curves onto separate planes along Z axis

Hi all, could you help me on that?

I have a grid of points, some of which share their Z axis with a plane.
When this condition is fulfilled, I want these points to be attributed their corresponding plane’s Z coordinate; in other words, I want them to be projected individually along Z.

Please find attached screenshots and the project files.
Thanks in advance!

cuts.3dm (133.1 KB) (119.9 KB)

Should I repost the file in a simplified form, without any plugin component?

Hi Walter -

That would be a requirement to have pretty much anyone look at this again, yes.

Here is a second version of the project files, this time with the only necessary data and only native components:

cuts_forum.3dm (12.2 MB) (123.9 KB)

Too bad you didn’t remove the old code that still uses all those plugins:

But OK, I can see the geometry - I just don’t know what to do with it?

What does that mean? Here is what I did: (16.2 KB)

The points (and more) are all in place in the Rhino file. Looks redundant and messy to me.

Well, I didn’t see it at first but the vertices from the array (bottom) are not actually transformed along the Z axis individually, am I correct?

I think you nailed it except it’s done the other way around :slight_smile:
I want the bottom vertices to be projected upwards on their corresponding plane if they are paired with one

Here’s my take: (22.0 KB)

It doesn’t quite work but I hope you get the idea.

I’m done here.