Project Curve on Polysurface

Does anyone understands why on one part of the polysurface the projected curve gives a sucessful patch srf but on the other part is not.
What i try to achieve is to keep only this part for the brep. Any alternative solution is also very welcome :slight_smile: (13.1 KB)

I ended up solving it with the following definition.

However i would be interested to have an understanding with the patch surface didn’t work on one of the two surfaces (actually it was even the simpler surface that it failed)

You didn’t internalize your Brep param:

Instead of Patch I would have split the brep with the projected rectangle somehow, but without the brep, who knows?

Hi Joseph,

It’s a bit late here so apologize for not iternalize the brep.
Try this! (68.0 KB)

Thanks in advance

Patch worked fine in R6, producing a single ‘Trimmed Surface’. This other method extrudes the rectangle instead of projecting it, then uses the extrusion to split the brep: Due to the polysurface seam, the result is two ‘Open Breps’ (polysurfaces). (64.8 KB)

My initial definition was in R7.
Just tried myself also in R6 and it aslo worked but when in milimeters with tolerance 0.001
If you change to meters with the standard tolerance 0.01 it will also not work.

Tolerance settings affect many things. Differences between R6 and R7 are legion.