"Project" button in rhino 6

My “project” button in Osnap don´t get activated when I checkmark it. I have just downloaded Rhino 6.
Best regards Mikkel

Try the command ProjectOsnap, and see if changing the options(enable, disable, toggle)
Can affect the Project state.

Hi Mikkel - the Project and Disable buttons do not get checkmarks, they just take on a darker ‘active’ state look


Do you see that?


Hi Pascal

Thanks for your answer, my problem is that the “project button” only can hold the “darker ‘active’ state look” for 2 seconds and then its not active again. I run Rhino 6 with an education license on an Imac with windows installed with Parallels. Its really strange if I´m the only one with that problem.

Hi Pascal

I have just downloaded the latest update "(6.2.18051.9541, 20/02/2018) and now the problems seems to be gone :slight_smile: Wuhu, there was maybe just a minor bug that have influence on my machine :slight_smile:

best regards Mikkel