Project and SelID of Blocks don't work, can you fix it?

Hi, I have a script to make a curved section and I use (simplified)
rs.Command("Project SelID “+str(object)+” ")

To project the curve onto objects, but for some reason SelID and blocks doesn’t work within Project.
Can you please fix this?

@pascal if you know of any clever workarounds to project a curve to a block containing whatever then I would love to know :slight_smile:
(I guess I can use explode block and then delete all objects after, but that is time consuming and memory hogging on large projects, so I would prefer another workaround)

I can’t even make this work:
So maybe something is broken within Project so blocks can only be hand picked.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
curve = rs.GetObject()
rs.Command("Project SelAll Enter")

It looks like it’s actually the combination of Project, SelID and a block that is the problem… SelID appears not to work for selecting an object to project onto if the object is a block instance.

I know it doesn’t help your workflow, but SelBlockInstance works in this case:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
curve = rs.GetObject("Select curve to project",4,select=True)
if curve:
    rs.Command("Project SelBlockInstance _Enter")

So it appears to confirm that the problem resides in the combination of SelID and Project with blocks

Well, maybe not only. SelBlockInstanceNamed doesn’t work either for Project targets, nor does a simple SelName…

Thanks, I can work around with that, but I see now that block’s have issues with project on other levels too, so I quess I need to explode them for a proper projection :confused: