Progressive grid on surface

I would like to apply progressive, developable grids on waved surfaces.
There are easy ways to generate 2D progressive ways - example 1.
Lots of ways exist for creating grids on curved surfaces - example 2.
But how can I combine both and build developable grids on 3D-surfaces?

maybe show a manually modeled version so we know what you need exactly.
I’m guessing you can use BoxMorph to map anything onto surface. If things must be developable, maybe use Orient.

Thanks Will, I´ll gonna try it and let you know if I got it.

Have a try “Surface Morph”.

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That looks so much promising! Thank you very much for your expertise.

I tried to rebuild it - but it failed. I could not create 2 connections which are obviously important. Do you have an idea what went wrong?

Flatten the ‘Content’ input to ‘Union Box’ (‘Bounding Box’)?

… already done. but nothing changed.

Did you provide “W” domain( any number above 0)?

Great idea - genius you.! Now I have the circles on the surface.
But the 2 missing connections don´t like me: if I connect the one the other disappears…

LMB+Shift+Drag = Create a new wire without erasing old wires

Finally - great, that´s it!
Thank you so much. Your support is extremely helpful.
With your code, I have even managed to combine an attractor.

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