Progress bar while creating display mesh

How about a progress bar when using different display modes (artistic), for example. Maybe I could walk the dog or water the garden if I knew how long it was going to take with some sort of % , instead of the blue wheel spinning.—- Mark
What is the difference between “ computing technical drawing data vs. creating meshes?

Imho the meshes are the base for “shaded” visualization (rhino converts each surface to meshes to be displayed), the “technical drawing data” are all the “effects” that rhino apply to the meshes to show the final result.

Hi Mark -
A progress bar is not going to give reliable information on how much time is left to process all remaining objects in a scene. At most, it might give some indication of how many objects remain to be processes but all of those can either get finished very quickly or can take a very long time.

Display modes that use the technical display pipeline require a different set of meshes than regular display modes. Also, the display meshes for regular display modes are saved in the file (by default) whereas those for the “technical” display modes are never saved in the file and need to be recreated every time you open the file.

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Lucille and Wim, thanks for the explanations. I am sure you both have days where you want things to be better in the area your working at that moment and you know it could be better, but it isn’t.—-Mark