Programming the spacebar as a text/string (empty space) input in c#?


I made this script where it asks the user for some sort of text now a user of my command asked me if it is possible to have control over the spacebar, in other words, the spacebar stops working as a termination command and that the users can make empty spaces in the text they are making using the space bar?

When the user is required to input a string that contains spaces the user should start with the double quote charater ", and when the text has been entered end with a double quote before pressing enter. That way the user can enter multiple words.

Hi jesterKing,
Thank you for your reply. But do you think it’s possible to code that for a code like this:

t.PlainText = iDef.Name + instance_definition_new_name

I want the user to have control over the spaces when typing down instance_definition_new_name which is a user string without having to use " ".

The way for users to input strings containing spaces on the command-line is using double quotes. This is how the Rhino command-line works.