Programmazione c++ settore automazione

good morning
I am looking for a collaboration with a programmer to create a plugin in grasshopper and in phyton, to develop an application in the automation sector, linear transport lines for industry, to control a linear conveyor, on which trolleys are positioned, which must be move autonomously on the conveyor belt, according to work cycles that can be modified according to production needs
this application must communicate with the plc through a program and PLC connected to the computer via ethernet and subsequently create macros that are interactive with the machine operator
On the computer I launch a specific program that performs certain operations that can be modified according to the work cycle
I thought of grasshopper, but you can also use a language like C ++ or phyton
if anyone is interested, you can write to me, let’s talk about it and present the project
in case if you have had experience in the automation sector even better
clearly I cannot present the project publicly for the moment because it is under development
Thanks for the attention

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Hi @hydrofoils1000,

I’ve moved your post over to Jobs & Portfolios.

– Dale

Hello sir!
I can help you with the requirement.

Please reach me out at or skype me at live: luis_18439.

Hope to hear from you soon.


@hydrofoils1000 did you get your project sorted?