Programmatically get Rhino 6 evaluation license key


We are developing and shipping a plug-in (Rhino3DMedical) for Rhino 6 and need to make the installation process “Rhino 6 + plug-in” easier and faster. In this post I focus on purely trial/evaluation licenses.

We have a single installer for Rhino 6 + Rhino3DMedical. The problem is with the Rhino 6 evaluation license key: currently we have to tell the user to go to, insert his/her e-mail address, click ‘Next’ and then re-download Rhino 6 in order to get the license key sent to his/her mailbox. Is there a way to make this step automatic (with the e-mail address as known)? Can we directly send a request to the McNeel server with the e-mail address of the user for it to send the license key?

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I’m going to continue this conversation in a PM, because it’s about licensing, and I don’t want to discuss options in public, yet. If you discover this thread and want more information, please PM me.