Profiler Widget

When a percentage appears below the profiler widget what does that refer to? Thanks.

Percent of total time measured.

Thanks David but what confuses me is that I have a script that requires a lot of time for meshing up front and thereafter I don’t touch that part but other bells and whistles further down the line show 1 or 2%, so is the total time for the script still being used as a baseline?

The profiler measures the time it takes to solve all components and to convert/transfer all data between components. Let’s say that all this takes 2 seconds. It doesn’t measure the time it takes to mesh the geometry for previewing, or the time it takes to redraw viewports. This may be a significant amount of time that is ‘missing’ from the profiler information.

If you have a component that takes a full half second to solve, it will have taken up 25% of the total time. If you then add another component which raises the total time to 5 seconds, the old component now takes up only 10% of the total time.

Ok, got it – I think.