Profile Blend without the need for a rail

Is there a way to achieve this in Rhino or Grasshopper? We use a jewelry design plugin here that has it’s own tool that will (basically) loft 2 profiles but give it smooth transitional properties respective to how the profiles are facing. It’s like Loft…but a way cooler version.

Yes. With grasshopper using a sweep1. Construct a bezier curve from the center of your circles and use that as a rail. You might need to do some aligning of seams, and fixing the normals at the endpoints of the curve along the way.

Thanks for the reply.
You’re basically describing a single rail sweep. This tool is not limited to the constraints of a rail. The profiles can be moved anywhere and the surface will follow, no matter what.

Yes, but the rail is automatically created by grasshopper, no manual drawing or redrawing involved. You would be able to move the profiles anywhere and the surface would follow, no matter what.

I need to experiment with this then. I’m extremely new to this and literally have no idea what I’m doing. LOL