Professional layout script

I was curious about how professionals of firms put their script to layout. So, how professionals sort and order things; use scribble and notes as panels; etc.

Is their an example of how, like say, a firm want to see from an applicant?
How to impress besides the obtained skills and knowledge through study?

What does a firm want to see or what give them the impression you take your job seriously?:sunglasses:

Nobody likes an applicant who shows a script spaghetti mess of components flying everywhere.:sweat_smile:

How would you like to see it? That would be a good start. :wink:

// Rolf

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@andheum is the best for this I think. Check out metahopper and human ui. I believe he had a video also about best grasshopper practices.


In my company, those people using Grasshopper try to minimize wire spaghetti and components at all cost. Similar to coding, one major aspect is dividing your code into logical (encapsulation) and single responsible units.
Another aspect is documentation, although this is a bit difficult in a visual editor like Grasshopper. You can use panels, scribbles etc.
Sometimes I was even drawing little sketches about the script logic, and importing this as a sketch object onto the canvas. In the end its better not to work together on a single definition. Maybe its better to split into more definitions, making a greater cut.
On the other hand, I know some people spending more time in organising code instead solving the problem. So you shouldn’t overrate this. Grasshopper scripts are usually not that big in size.
And last but not least, learn scripting. With scripting you improve a definitions quality, since all the tips from above are much easier to implement. Hope this helps.


How do you import a sketch object?

Draw something, right click and replace it by clicking “Load from Rhino”



I’m able to send a sketch to Rhino from the canvas using this method but I can’t perform the reverse. Obviously I’m missing something… A curve, for example, in Rhino should appear on my canvas?

after importing, search the canvas. Canvas coordinate system and World XZ need to match.

Found it! I never knew there was a correspondence between Rhino and canvas coordinates. Thanks.

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