Product design/presentation what's best Rhino, Solidworks, Fusion 360, ...?



Awesome. Yes, there is definitely A LOT more freedom in Rhino compared to SW! Thanks for the links!


T-spline sculpting in Fusion 360:


Fusion’s success is represented by the implementation of TSplines.
If McNeel could have bought Tsplines, long ago, Rhino would have become almost unbeatable!
Tsplines is a mature, reliable plug-in (it was in its fourth version), has many tools and worked very well in Rhino.
Patience, we will see how the native SubD will behave (Rhino 7).

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Just to add my 2 cents on the “best cad/3D modeling software” debate.
As a structural engineer I’ve used Autodesk products for many years now and although they are good for what I use them I don’t like their company policies especially when it comes to pricing and piracy. If the company I work for decided to switch everything to non-Autodesk products I would totally be on board. Especially if it was Rhino.
I personally bought Rhino for Mac recently since it works very well with my easy 2D cad stuff but also learning 3D modeling. As someone just starting out trying to learn how to use it and work on personal projects that could end up being commercial Rhino is unbeatable I think. Not to mention you get Grasshopper for free.

To put into perspective when Zaha Hadid (a major architecture practice) + Front (facade designers) decided to model a complex shape as The Morpheus project in Macau they used manly Rhino and Grasshopper and I doubt they choose them cause they were cheaper.

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I didn’t purchase it based on that, obviously, but it did make me think about what it is capable of.
I know that practice is a global architectural firm with tens if not hundreds of employees working on some of the most complex shaped buildings in the world. They can surely afford the best software for the job and the best designers and support money can buy. Instead of going with Autodesk products or SW or “insert name” they went with Rhino and Grasshopper. I think that says quite a bit about this software.