Processing multiple curves


Now I’m trying to make skeleton extraction that applies to multiple curves.

But I don’t have any idea of how to process all curves simultaneously. The figure’s code can only process one curve.
I’m not familiar with grasshopper’s data structure. how to process all curves simultaneously?

Thanks (16.8 KB)

Quick answer is: Learn about GHs data structure (DataTrees) .

The first three components on the left specifically select a single value out of a list of values. You need to get rid of the slider and the List Item component and plug your collection of curves directly into the relay. You will probably have to graft your curve list though, that tends to be almost always true when making an algorithm multi-value-aware.

There will doubtless be further stumbling blocks where some data management is needed, but you’ll have to find and fix those one at a time.

You will also have to remove any Flattening operations, as they will destroy the data structure and merge data from unrelated curves. A more selective flattening may be needed, which is almost always accomplished via the Path Mapper.

@HaLo @DavidRutten Thanks! It resolved with your advice!