Problems with V7 - and V6

I have had big problems on both my computers (iMac Pro and MacBook Pro) since installing V7. I can’t say what’s exactly causing it, but it seems to be related to having both V6 and V7 open at the same time.

After closing both Rhinos I sometimes can’t reopen any files in either V6 or V7. The icon on the taskbar doesn’t stop jumping - or the splash screen opens, but it’s impossible to open any file. I get the spinning beachball and nothing happens. I have to force quit Rhino.

After that I need to restart my computer - which takes ages (the shutdown portion). I just had it trying to restart for over 30 min and got tired of waiting and pushed the start button for a couple of seconds to shut the computer(s) down. Opening a file in V6 after that took about 10 min…

I also had a my laptop shutting down/restarting on its own when experimenting with V6/V7 and got a Skype call at the same time. Scary!

Any ideas at all what could be causing this? @dan, @pascal, @wim


Any ideas…?


Hi Philip,

Can you run the SystemInfo command in Rhino 7 on both Macs please and send that text file back to ? Also send in any 3dm files that you have open in v6 and v7 simultaneously. If this is happening with only specific large files that won’t email, you can use as well.

Thanks for the report of what you’re seeing, we’ll need to dig deeper after knowing more about your Macs and the files that are open and then closed when this happens.


I didn’t actually have any specific files open, when I was working with both V6 and V7 at the same time (just two empty ‘new’ files). I was just configuring my V7 to look and feel like V6 - that’s why I had both opened.

After restarting the computer the file I tried to open in V6 was just a simple 30 MB file without materials or anything special.

I don’t want to post the file here, so I’ll send it - and the systeminfos - to tech.