Problems with uploading

Hi, i have problems uploading models. I always get an error because of a sofistik library i am not using. No matter which model i try, none of them works.


Our servers throw this warning because this plugin is listed as a dependency in your definition. Some plugins are still listed as a dependency in your gh/ghx files even after removing all visible components. It can be cumbersome to get rid of it. Two methods:

  • Copy and paste the components of your definition to a new one, save it and try to upload or check in the ghx file if this library is still included in the definition.
  • If that’s the case, you can try to remove the part of the ghx file that lists the library as a dependency manually (this could be risky and break the file, do this only as a last resort).

Thanks for the reply. I trie to upload a model with just a plane surface (native gh component). But i still get the error. (2.4 KB)

Does the error happen if you create a new definition from scratch and just add a few components there? I am afraid it is still happening because you started from an existing definition where the component is listed as dependency, removed everything and added new components. You might need to start from a brand new empty document and start working from there.

Yes the error still happens. The definition i uploaded above was created from scratch.

Could you send your simple model above, created from scratch, as a ghx file? I can help you look at this file and remove the parts that create the issue. However, this is an issue linked to the plugin you are using and not to ShapeDiver. It seems that it leaves some dependencies even after removing all components. You could contact the plugin developers to enquire about this issue.