Problems with the gumball's default behavior


  1. your custom set gumball location gets reset every time you deselect the object and then select it again

  2. when the gumball is set to align to Object it works as it should if you rotate a object the gumball rotates too with it but when you deselect the object and select it again the gumball resets to the world position.

  3. when you select multiple objects you can only perform transforms with a averaged gumball location and there is no option to do transforms per object gumball location i know you can do this in grasshopper easily but i think this option is needed in rhino native commands.

i been using rhino since rhino 5 i don’t know if I’m missing something but to me this is very annoying and unnecessary time consuming.

any tips or advice is appreciated

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Hi Ari -

This should not happen with single object selections, but is unavoidable, currently, with multiple selections.


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hello Pascal thanks for your response

this is not happening with a single selection its happening with groups which i forgot to say in the op.