Problems with TextObjects in Blocks

Hi @Dan, thanks for letting me know! No worries, I am just experiencing weird behavior within blocks…

Can please you describe this in enough detail that I can reproduce it on my computer?

The behaviour here is a bit unpredictable though…With Helvetica Neue family, and now I can see it even for the text, not in the block, it sometimes jumps back to the regular Helvetica font. I can´t see any rule, it just happens every now and then. Occasionally, I must hit fe. the font I want to define the text to many times till it changes - I tried to cover it in the video

I can’t reproduce any issue regarding the font in the block right now, but I found out the following. When I create a template including a block, the new template has doubled the block when editing. See the attached video.

TO reproduce - 1) create block 2) save as template 3) open new with template 4) try to edit the block

Hello - so far I cannot reproduce what you are describing… but I confess the first video is quite hard to follow.