Problems with right pannel

Hi, I just started to use Crossgems, I have a student licence, and I am facing differents problems such as “hide and show” elements of the right pannel. If I clic the lamp, it does not turn off, it is like no action effect. Same when I select the line, no element will be shown selected in the work area. It seems that it is not the case for all, but it is at random…

Same thing when I open the file with Rhino, even with an extra effect on Crossgems menu where white color squares appear :

I sent you an email today about it and I really need help to fix this because it make me work very slow and prevent me to work sometimes.
Thank you !

Hello Thierry,

It’s already fixed in the new CrossGems WIP version, from the feedback we have, it’s already working fine for you, isn’t it? Could you please confirm it?


Everything is fine right now, thanks for your technical support