Problems with Rendering

Hi, my coworker is having a problem with rendering a motorcycle. When he tries to render it the file freezes and he has to restart his computer because it says that he still has it open after he closes the file. I tried on my computer and the render setting he wants to use works on my computer. I also took screenshots of all the render settings and he has the same settings set as well.

Hi Lorenzo - are both machines using the built-in Rhino renderer?


Yes, they are both using the same renderer.

Hi Lorenzo - are there textures - bitmap files for the materials, or decals, used in the file? Are these accessible from both machines? If possible, can you please save a copy of this file, with the texures, SaveSmall, and zip it up and upload it to us at, to my attention?


There are no textures in the files. They are the basic materials from Rhino.

Hi Lorenzo - did you send us a file?