Problems with Output

I have compiled and successfully run the examples i.e. example_read.

I have created my own function based on the example called
int readNurbs(const wchar_t *name);
and also sucessfully tested this with a command line program.

But when I try and use readNurbs under FreeCAD non of the Nurbs functions show up in the FreeCAD console. If I code std::cout << “test” or std::cerr << “test” these show up in the FreeCAD console but not dump.Print(“test”);

In the test command line program I wrote if I change a std::cout << “Trace” to std::wcout << Trace. It also stops any further output from the OpenNurbs functions.

Wondering if my problem is that FreeCAD uses cout and opennurbs uses wcout and apparently the two cannot be mixed. Is there a way round this?

If you are just reading 3DM files with openNURBS, you should not need to do any console printing at all. I’d just comment out those lines of code…

Sorry but you don’t seem to understand, but I am trying to use opennurrbs in a FreeCAD importer as a result. FreeCAD redirects stdout and steer to its console. Trouble is opennnurbs output does not appear anywhere

What I am saying is that openNURBS does not output anywhere. The fact that example_read.cpp is writing to the console is just because it is an example…