Problems with offset face boundaries on offset mesh

Hello Guys

faced with such a problem that the polylines of each face of the offset mesh is bad offset at the points of transition 3 and 4 faces

I tried using various methods to construct an offset for such polylines, but it does not work.

I tried through the combination of the plugin WB and Clipper

Maybe someone had such a problem?

bad pffset on (13.0 KB)
offset curve on mesh.3dm (39.0 KB) (31.4 KB)

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Thank you so much Dowazura

but you have made the definition under the original mesh

on the offset mesh, it also does not work and gives an error, in the corners there are extra lines

try on the mesh which consists of triangular and quadrangular faces and make its offset

I don’t know exactly why the offsets can’t be.