Problems with model

Hello guys,

I imported a file from maxsurf as IGES and it seems to be fine on rhino.
But, I can not perform some operations on it like, split, trim or wirecut.
If I rebuild it, all features works fine but I lost some caracteristics of the surface
Does anyone could help me on it?

Tentativa.3dm (8.2 KB)

Looks like a reasonable model to me. I created a transverse plane and used Split to split it with no problems. It is currently two separate surfaces which will Join satisfactorily. Wirecut also works for me.

Hi Dean - The surface has some stacked control points along the hard chine - that can get in thee way of some intersection operations and I see one here… a trim / split that fails.


So, How ca I work on it?
I tried rebuild but I lost some caracteristics of the model?
Any advice on what I should do?


Hi Dean - try this:
Select the surface, start Split >Isocurve > Shrink=Yes, > Direction=U (Long direction), with the Int osnap on - snap to the Int of the isocurve that is along the chine and any vertical isocurve. The resulting surfaces do have stacked points along that split edge but so far the results seem OK with trimming and splitting.

@deancarloz - it looks to me like it may be OK to remove the last row - one of the stacked rows along the split edge - my quick test on the top part seems to show that the surface does not change shape if you delete that row.



I think I wasnt clear on wha I’m trying to do. I’m trying to export this file as IGES to ansys Design Modeler, but I keep having this error on the picture named error.
I’m not sure what I have to do to validate the surface,
Besides that, I keep having some kind of part (in red) that doesnt show on Rhino picture named error 2.

Any idea on what my cause this??