Problems with Mac installation

I have installed with pip3 install rhino3dm -t /path to python libs’
But when I try import I get an error ._rhino3dm not found.

I change the file to
import sys

#if sys.version_info.major==2:
#from _rhino3dm import *
#from ._rhino3dm import *
from rhino3dm import *
version = ‘0.14.0’

Point2d.str = lambda self: “{},{}”.format(self.X, self.Y)
Point3d.str = lambda self: “{},{},{}”.format(self.X, self.Y, self.Z)
Vector2d.str = lambda self: “{},{}”.format(self.X, self.Y)
Vector3d.str = lambda self: “{},{},{}”.format(self.X, self.Y, self.Z)

And now get error
9:17:58 Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
File “/Users/keithsloan/Library/Preferences/FreeCAD/Mod/ImportNURBS/freecad/importNURBS/”, line 13, in
import rhino3dm as r3
File “/Applications/FreeCAD”, line 10, in
Point2d.str = lambda self: “{},{}”.format(self.X, self.Y)
<class ‘NameError’>: name ‘Point2d’ is not defined

My directory looks like
keithsloan@Keiths-iMac rhino3dm % ls
init.pyi py.typed

Are you trying to use rhino3dm in freecad? I see a python 3.8 in that output along with a python 3.9