Problems with intersect and Boolean operations

The attached file is created with Grasshopper. Both in Grasshopper and in Rhino I find problems with creating proper intersections and Boolean difference the parts that intersect.
When I explode the objects, all surfaces seems to be fine.
What’s the problem here?

Hull Issue.3dm (237.7 KB)

Hi Gerard - I can see pairs of surfaces from this set of polysurfaces where the intersection fails - you can make it work by increasing the density (InsertKnot>Automatic) but I’ll get these on the bug list.

The upper one is hard - it does not fail outright as the first one does but he intersection falls on or very close to the edges of one of the objects for some distance. Extending the surfaces involved does allow Intersect to get the full curve - In any case both are good examples for the developer to have a look at.



Thanks Pascal