Problems with installing K2 Engineering


(Simon Ja) #1

Hey there,

i have probelms installing K2 Engineering…
I did everything as usual and still no success.

According to this page, i have to install Kangaroo2 (which i did) aswell as plankton. (I did)
But: Grasshopper will not recognize the K2 plug-in! Any Ideas?

Greets Simon

(C Brandtolsen) #2

Hi Simon,

Did you download the K2Engineering.gha file under the “releases” tab on Github?
Did you include the .dll and .gha files for Kangaroo2 and plankton? Unblocked all of them of course?
Which version of Rhino are you using?


(Simon Ja) #3

Hey Cecilie,

Thank you, i thought i could use the .csproj or .sln file instead of a .gha… because i did not find the .gha on github. (Which I did now, so everything worked for me)

Thank you :wink: