Problems with fillets in Rhino7

Hi i have this Pin with some edges i can’t get to fillet in Rhino 7 but was okay when i made the first one in Rhino 6 I don’t have R6 anymore so can’t test if the first was just “lucky” its not the first time im having problems getting R7 to make a fillet. so question is if anybody else has had problems with fillets in R7 compared to R6?

The form is not simple, but also not that complex. So can’t see why it should not be possible.

Gray = R7 and Blue R6

Edges in yellow are the on in question

Pin.3dm (3.2 MB)

It is totally possible that it’s me doing something wrong. :wink:

Hello - I am not sure I follow - but FilletEdge at a radius of 1 works fine here if all the surfaces are joined first.


Hi Pascal

I cant tell you whats happening, when i made the post nothing worked on the edges. no mather what i did. filletedge whould brake some of the surfaces, or not connect coretly. I also check that it was the same in the file i uploaded.

When i try to make the fillet now it also woorks fin for me?