Problems with custom hot keys

I have some custom hot keys setup that are giving me some problems. When I run a command like extrude one of the options is hitting the “b” key for both sides but instead it runs my hotkey associated with the “b” key.

I also have a hot key setup for the “1” key and anytime I start to type a value starting with a “1” during a command it runs my “1” hotkey. Is this a bug or is there a way disable hotkeys during commands?



i thought i remembered that not happening before but i suppose i thought wrong…

i just tried setting something to “B” as a shortcut and yeah, trying to push b during a command attempts to trigger the keystroke again…

fwiw, if you push shift-B for both sides, while having a keystroke set to B, it will work as expected.

that said, i personally think you’re better off not using single key shortcuts in rhino… maybe change your “B” and “1” keystrokes to shift-B and shift-1 instead and let the single key stuff remain open for use in the command dialogs.

or, if your finger gymnastics aren’t up to par yet, make them aliases instead (Rhinoceros-> Preferences-> Aliases)… so it’s “B” followed by the spacebar to trigger the command you have assigned to it.

(just ideas-- maybe it’s worth making it so you can have “B” as a shortcut and still be able to use it in command dialogs? not up to me though)

Hey Jeff you are correct this is new behavior.

I personally prefer the single key and use them in most of my apps as I think hitting enter is a bit clunky. If this is something that is intentional or can’t be fixed using shift+hokey or another combo would be a possible workaround.

I use a bunch of programs that have common commands and I try to keep the hotkeys the same to help speed-up my workflow and save brain power.

use the spacebar instead of return… especially with a letter like B
you can literally push B then spacebar in one motion…

(for clarity- i’m not trying to talk you out of what you want… i understand what you want and don’t think it’s stupid or whatever… just offering alternative ideas is all :wink: )

The fact of the matter is that single key “hotkeys” do not work in programs that have a command line like Rhino. Rhino can’t tell the difference between you typing the key as a hotkey or typing the beginning of a command that begins with that same letter. Also, single letters are interpreted as options when you’re inside of a command.

Thus, single letters/numbers are to be avoided as keyboard shortcuts.


Thanks Jeff, I understand you are just trying to help. I do use the space bar in most situations. I meant “return” as another keystroke wether it is spacebar, right mouse button, or return key. It is just an extra step.

Hey Mitch, it use to work just fine with single hotkeys. Something seems to have changed in the last few builds. If a command dialog is in progress I feel it should get the keyboards attention. You are correct about typing a command. When I type a command I use a hotkey to invoke the command dialogue and then type my command.


Well that may be due to the particular way the command line is implemented in MacRhino, but it certainly doesn’t work in Windows Rhino where the command line is “always-on”.


Yes, this is a bug. Rhino needs to pay attention to whether a command is running or not when deciding to consider typed characters to be menu shortcuts or not. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.

Great news, thanks Marlin.