Problems with command round

Why doesn’t my round do the round correctly?

First I tried to extrude a surface and then to extrude from a plane and cut boleana, but I can’t get a good rounding.

Difficult to say without an example file, but it may be that the radius of the fillet (round) is too large for the height of your triangular surface at some spot. The radius needs to be smaller than the minimum height of the triangle surface above the base surface so the fillet can fit.

Otherwise, please post an example file.

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Thanks Helvetosaur.
I tried other radius, it worked with 1 and 0.8 mm but there are three triangles that do not work with any radius. It seems strange to me, I’m switching from Solidworks to Rhinoceros because it’s much more versatile but there are still things I don’t understand.

mode flow
I’m trying to extrude some studs on a shoe sole, I’ve also tried to apply the rounding before on plane with the surface flow tool but the deformation is exaggerated.

I add file
for forum josemi.3dm (9.7 MB)

mode flow

Hello - the edges in your triangles are not tangent - how are you making those?