Problems with column structure on grasshopper skyscraperg


I am building a skyscraper and I am trying to add a column structure. I have offset my curves in order for the columns to be inside the structure but many are not showing up and I am getting a lot of errors. I have inserted a base column but I need other ones around my shape in order for my structure to bea02 infinity (92.7 KB) sufficient.

Thanks, any help is appreciated.

Please simplify your Grasshopper file to make it easier for other forum members to help you. Also, it would help if you posted screenshots or drawings in order for us to better understand your intent.

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I’m sorry my computer isn’t letting me internalize data but I only need help with this part of the script. I basically made the tower separately. I made the podium design and tower design completely separate. The things I am having trouble with is the column structure around the tower shape. The podium design is fine, however, the curves won’t offset because they are not curves and I don’t know why. I only need help with this part of the script