Problems with bending object


I am having this issue where the other parts of the model warp when I bend one of the arms. Is there a way to prevent this?
You can see how I bent one arm down, and the arms on each side warped.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Rob- that is expected since Bend is a planar, 2d operation… If the arms are all the same, it would work to split one off, Bend it as needed and then ArrayPolar, If not, then you’ll need to split them all off, bend each in the appropriate plane.


(Willem Derks) #3

Hi Rob,

Bend operates on the complete object. A solution would be to cut the arm close to the center.
Next bend the arm; making sure to keep the center end outside the bend influence.
Next you can then rejoin the bend part to the original.

Also check the Flow command, It allows for a much more controlled deformation using 2 curves as reference spline.



Worked perfectly. Thank you for preventing a massive headache and probably to much drinking tonight.


Just for the record, Cage Edit would probably also work here. Check the Help and YouTube and Vimeo videos on Rhino Cage Edit.

Even though you’ve already solved this concern, you should certainly have some basic familiarity with Cage Edit in your toolbox.