Problems uploading - Plugin Lunchbox

Hi, when I try to upload my model, I always get the error, that the Excel Write LEGACY Component of the library LunchBox may not be used. I checked that I only use plugins that are supported, which is the case with the LunchBox plugin. Could you help me with this problem?

We support the Lunchbox plugin, but not all its components. You can check the list of disallowed components in our documentation: Supported third-party Grasshopper plugins

In this case, the Excel Write component is a component which writes an output file to the local system, which does not make sense in the context of ShapeDiver. If you want to ouput files from your online models, consider using the “Download Export” and “Email Export” components of the ShapeDiver plugin: Outputs

There is currently no way to export native Excel files from ShapeDiver models, however using the “Text Export Options” component you have the option to export csv files already.