Problems trying to stellate a mesh without WB

I am still new to Grasshopper, and I am trying to teach myself the basics from books and the internet.

I am trying to stellate a mesh without using WB. The script is both in a book and on youtube (architutors). I have gone over the script several times and

I cannot see what I am doing wrong…probably something really stupid - but my script results in a mess, rather than a stellation…I hope that someone can help me out with this.


Figure (55.3 KB)

The order in which you add a wire to an input is important and in your case you need to add the V output of the Deconstruct Mesh component to the V input of the Construct Mesh component first. Adding the R output of the Addition component afterwards puts the points in the right order.

If you want better control, use an Entwine or Merge component to combine the two data streams.

Oh my! :woman_facepalming: Thank you so much! I had no idea…That was such a simple solution! :smiley:

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