Problems splitting

HI All,

I am trying to split this closed polysolid by slicing it vertically into its steps/segments.

I have tried extruding crv along the profile I want to cut but all methods I have tried are failing.

I have also tried to offset the surface generated by extruding the crv and tried to use boolean operations to achieve the same.

I believe the issue is may be to do with the non planar edge crvs of the solid not aligning perfectly vertically. I have been extruding the crv straight, so the created surface may is not be in tolerance. Have tried changing tolerance up to 1.0 mm.

I created the vertical faces of the closed polysolid by extruding surfaces (straight) vertically from the edge curves of each step level. I didnt know how else to create an (even almost) vertical face/wall between the stepped layers of the object. Is there a better way that will work more fluently with later split/boolean operations?

In the attached model I have included a surface extruded from edge curves as an example of what and how I am trying to split.

The desired end result is to have multiple closed polysolids that can be printed and fitted together.

Thanks in advance.

Proto Step 039 -split problem.3dm (539.8 KB)

your object is way out of tolerance :

if you extract some surfaces and run _RebuildEdges you will see the real difference between surfaces and why the split doesn’t work:

I suggest to remodel the object from scratch with better fillets, and file tolerance set to 0.001