Problems regarding load gravity with kangaroo

Hello, I’m Agnese.
I’m working on the attached file for my thesis but I can’t seem to be able to drop the “prickly pear plant” shaped structure on the other one, I tried with a different and less complex structure (3d sphere) and everything works, even if I don’t actually know out to set the initial fixed plant structure as a limit for the fall, so it just drops indefinitely. Is the falling plant structure too complex or big for this kind of function on kangaroo?
Please, let me know if there is a solution I’m not aware of.
Thank you in advance
Agnese Blanca

fico d’india in caduta (13.9 MB)

Hi Agnese.

Where does this input geometry come from?
Your object is composed of over 33,000 individual NURBS patches. Just meshing these, even only for display, is extremely heavy, far more than just a mesh with that many faces.

I’m guessing it started as a mesh, that you have run MeshToNurbs on?
It would be better to work with the mesh directly. Even that will probably also need to be simplified to make it practical to use in simulation.