Problems in uploading OBJ files

Dear ShapeDiver Support Forum,
This is my PRO account:

Piede_Andrea_5.obj (936.1 KB)

It have a problem with OBJ files no longer being uploadable to our website “Feetah”.
Now I’m testing our development platform ( with the definition [] everything works correctly, but with the definition [] our standard OBJ file (Piede_Andrea_5.obj see attached file) is no longer uploadable.

The fact is that I’m trying the same GH definition: I downloaded from my ShapeDiver library the v0-71 definition and I reuploaded it with the name v0-71-1.

I just noticed that when I saved the duplicate version (v0-71-1) I got the following note “There is no geometry that can be displayed in the scene”.

Anyway, this is how our GH definition works, since our customers have to upload the OBJ file of a scanned foot to design the custom orthosis and therefore there is no geometry when starting a new project. I don’t know if this could be the problem.

Any idea about this issue?
Thanks in advance,

Could you please explain exactly what the problem is when you try to upload your obj file? If you do not see any error or feedback on the platform when you do it, could you check if the console of the browser shows some errors?

Hi Mathieu,
thank you.
I reuploaded the definition [] and actually the “Open App” shows me that everything is working fine.