Problems getting Boolean Difference to work on this object

I am having problems getting the Boolean Difference to work with the attached file.

I am trying to create a cutout using the object in the light green.

Any suggestions would sure be appreciated…


KentSample file.3dm (210.9 KB)

Hi Kent - that works in v6… I see V5 does not like the green surface seam lying right on the face of the box - use SrfSeam to move the seam up to the top of that surface, away from the box. (ExtractSrf or Explode first)


Thanks for your help on this Pascal…

In the mean time I took all of my wire frames that I used for creating the surface and verified that they were centered on the Z, and once I got those all perfectly centered the boolean worked… ( I think this probably fixed the issue you were pointing out )

I will be making the move on upgrading up to V6

Thanks again…


I went ahead and upgraded to Verion 6, and it works fine as you stated.

I really like the fact that your upgrades have the same look and feel as the previous versions… this allows a person to jump right back into the project without having to re-learn a whole new software package.

Hats off to your developers…