Problems encountered in the use of the "Morph" function in the battery pack

廊架 (65.1 KB)

How should I manipulate the orientation and size of the object that can be obtained from the original square, instead of the size of the mutation obtained now

Pretty hard to follow this code with so many Dispatch components but I wonder if the surface planes you have created are what you really want?

Why not start with the ‘F’ output of EvalSrf instead?

Do you really want Morph or would Orient do the job?

Working in millimeters? Big numbers!

Joseph_Oster, do you have a better way? I’m a beginner and I’m not very proficient. Mainly, I want to replace the rectangular parallelepiped with the feather-shaped model that I have made. It is not necessary to use the battery of ‘Morph’

I’m sorry, I just really don’t understand all of your goals here?

This is a radical over-simplification to demonstrate the use of Orient but the feather-shapes are on the wrong side of the surface (easily fixed) and collide with each other. There are many ways to modify this by rotating and scaling each “feather” or positioning them away from the surface based on distance to the edges, for example. One could even orient a flat feather-shaped surface instead of a “solid” and extrude each one differently, in place. (37.7 KB)

P.S. Grasping at straws, this is another radical over-simplification using SrfMorph (an old favorite), (36.4 KB)

Thank you very much Joseph_Oster for answering my questions