Problems creating a smooth terrain in order to extrude streets

Hi there!

I created a surface from a Autocad drawing, using the Patch tool. The Autocad drawing had contour lines, each one with the correct Z coordinate.

After this step, I projected another 2D drawing from Autocad, a street, complete with sidewalks and curbs. Having projected the lines onto the surface, I extruded them, in order to create a 3D model.

The problem I’m having is the unevenness of the surface; when looking from the point of view of a person, the whole street is woobly, that is, there are small hills and valleys (see pictures)…

What can I do to create a surface that is smooth and allows me to create a street that, although it may be sloped, it is even in its length and width?

bump. I would be grateful if someone could help me…

Hello - please export an example from your file - and some indication of what you need to do. I’d also look at