Problems connecting to VS2019 debugger from Python

Hi, @DavidLeon, @piac
I´m trying to replicate the step by step guide with VS2019, WIP(7.0.20147.12475, 26/05/2020)
VS is throwing this error when I try to “Attach to Process”

any hints on why this could be happening here?

Hi @aitorleceta

I split this into a new topic for clarity.

Did you follow all the steps at: ? Specifically, first running the code in Rhino?

In general, however, this looks like a Visual Studio problem… but I am not sure. Maybe @DavidLeon knows more? What happens if you remove “:2019” from the “Connection target”? That is the “Port” that the error dialog seems to be referring to.



Did you follow all the steps at:

I did my best… Will try it again this afternoon, after a “brain reset”

I remember that I had the same issue once, but I forgot the solution. It was something really stupid…

Do you click the ‘Find’ button? You should not do it, I think you have to press ‘enter’ or maybe just click ‘Connect’.

See you

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Efectively… hitting Return key instead of pushing “find” button make it works. It’s a little bit WTF, no?

thank you @frist !!
My bad, it was even properly explained in the “step by step”. I just didn’t notice the difference between pressing enter and pushing find.

Hello! semi FNG here:
I’ve been digging through the forums looking for can/how to use VScode as the external IDE for debugging. Is this possible?
I’ve found the DevDocs Tutorial on setting up VS for external IDE debugging: but the few differences between VS and VScode are throwing me for a loop.

Does it have to be in Rhino 7 WIP version? I am running Rhino 7. After I create the python component in Grasshopper and connect it to the python code file path, it seems to be freezing up.

The instructions did say that it would freeze up momentarily while waiting for PTBSD to attach, but for it never seems to unfreeze.