Problems connecting to VS2019 debugger from Python

Hi, @DavidLeon, @piac
I´m trying to replicate the step by step guide with VS2019, WIP(7.0.20147.12475, 26/05/2020)
VS is throwing this error when I try to “Attach to Process”

any hints on why this could be happening here?

Hi @aitorleceta

I split this into a new topic for clarity.

Did you follow all the steps at: ? Specifically, first running the code in Rhino?

In general, however, this looks like a Visual Studio problem… but I am not sure. Maybe @DavidLeon knows more? What happens if you remove “:2019” from the “Connection target”? That is the “Port” that the error dialog seems to be referring to.



Did you follow all the steps at:

I did my best… Will try it again this afternoon, after a “brain reset”

I remember that I had the same issue once, but I forgot the solution. It was something really stupid…

Do you click the ‘Find’ button? You should not do it, I think you have to press ‘enter’ or maybe just click ‘Connect’.

See you

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Efectively… hitting Return key instead of pushing “find” button make it works. It’s a little bit WTF, no?

thank you @frist !!
My bad, it was even properly explained in the “step by step”. I just didn’t notice the difference between pressing enter and pushing find.